Open Government

The Open Government Initiative is aimed at holding Government accountable towards services delivery. The purpose of this is to ensure that Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) open their doors and data to the citizens of Uganda.
This transparency builds up into an accountable Government meant to bridge the gap between citizens and the Government which is our core objective.

Open Government Sessions

We conduct regular open government sessions with different MDAs. These sessions are aired on UBC (the national TV broadcaster) and are streamed live on all our social media accounts. The purpose of this is to bring to attention the services these MDAs offer, the status of specific programs and any relevant information to push out to the general public. During these sessions, citizens use our platforms to send queries which are answered immediately by the responsible party hosted. 

Online Polls

We also conduct online polls to get views from citizens on specific government programs. The feedback is then compiled and submitted to the concerned MDAs which in the long run are used to create / modify policies. 

Live Chats

Through live twitter chats, we are able to connect different public servants to citizens where queries are directly answered. These chats are moderated by GCIC and the entities hosted are determined by the demand from citizens to have frequently asked questions answered. 

Citizen centered campaigns

These are campaigns aimed at deliberately informing citizens on various government services. For example, whenever Government releases budgets, we create the #FollowYourMoney campaign where we break down these budgets into information that is useful to citizens. By doing so, citizens are able to keep track of how money is allocated for service delivery and therefore can hold the responsible agencies accountable. 


These are community gatherings. We conduct these to reach citizens from their locality to engage and interact with them. This proactiveness allows the Government determine what is happening on the grass root and therefore be able to plan for citizens from different localities.

Open Government