The Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC) is the primary contact centre between the Government and citizens of Uganda. It is structured to drive open Government activities and provide a platform for direct citizen engagement with Government. 
The centre was initiated in 2016 by the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance to enhance the monitoring of service delivery and provide a channel for feedback from citizens to encourage open governance.

Citizen Interaction 

GCIC provides a medium of interaction between citizens and the Government of the Republic of Uganda. We endeavor to bridge the Gap that has always existed between the general Public and Government to ensure effective service delivery. This is made possible through the following channels where we receive queries and feedback on Government service delivery. Through these, we are also able to advise citizens on how to access various Government services from different MDAs. The feedback we receive from citizens in turn helps Government to make citizen-centered decisions in the long run. 

900 Toll Free

We have an established state-of-the-art call centre that allows a citizen to call and speak to us without spending on airtime. This centre serves all the major language groups of Luo, Runyatitara, Ruganda/Rusoga, Kiswahili and English. 

Social Media 

We also interact with citizens through our different social media accounts ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others. This is majorly through direct messages and different communications that we push on these platforms. We also run social media campaigns to ensure that citizens get information specific government programs. Additionally, through social media, we are able to get insights and feedback from citizens. 


Citizens can also interact with us through our webmail ( Through this, we are able to receive queries and escalate them to the concerned MDAs for relevant feedback.


We run an interactive website with citizen centered information and a wide range of Government resources for download. The website also hosts blogs and articles from both GCIC and citizen bloggers. 

Mainstream Media

In addition to all other channels, we interact with citizens through mainstream media that includes TV, Radios and News Papers/magazines. Our goal here is to reach the bigger number of citizens who do not have access to the internet.