About GCIC

GCIC (Government Citizen Interaction Centre) is the digital communications arm of the Government of Uganda, supported by the Ministry of ICT & National Guidance as the primary contact Centre between government and citizens.

GCIC provides a channel to drive open government activities and a platform for direct citizen engagement with government.

Statement from the Executive Director of GCIC

Mr. Awel Uwihanganye,
Executive Director, Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC)

Welcome to the web page of the Government-Citizen Interaction Centre.

At the core of GCIC’s mission, is the determination to drive Uganda’s development agenda through structured interactions between Government and citizens primarily using digital and online open platforms.

This forms the nexus which matches the wishes and aspirations of Ugandans as the government seeks to achieve its National Vision 2040 in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our goal as GCIC is to facilitate open governance, provide platforms for policy engagements, amplify government’s messaging and translate it into citizen action.

Through official government digital portals, social media platforms, and the GCIC’s 900 toll-free number, our teams work around the clock to ensure effective responses on questions on how service delivery to citizens is managed.

Our collective effort is to establish GCIC as a leading public communications agency using digital and social media tools, in ensuring smooth and robust relations between government and citizens are sustained. In the age of the 4thIndustrial revolution, this will guarantee continued growth of a prosperous, globally competitive and resilient nation.

For God and my country


Mr. Awel Uwihanganye,
Executive Director, Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC)

Mission Statement

GCIC’s strategic mission is to provide timely, cost effective, and data driven communication between Government and its citizens through mainstream media and online communication channels.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Establish online and digital media platforms for Government - Citizen Interaction.
  • Provide Social Media Direction to government and MDAs.
  • To accelerate the use of government websites as tools for dissemination of information and service provision.
  • Provide a platform for accountability and transparency in Government programs.
  • Improve visibility of GCIC as the key government information centre.
  • Offer strategic public relations to Government & Head of State.
  • Improve access to public information.
  • Aid digitalization of government service delivery.  
  • Enhance open governance.